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Our simple pricing approach


Only pay for delivered messages

The SMS Works is, on average, 33% cheaper than many competitors.

Prices from 2.25p + VAT per UK text

Even cheaper rates apply for higher volume customers.

Price Match Guarantee

If you’ve hunted down lower SMS pricing, let us know and we'll go all out to beat the offer.

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Best UK SMS pricing

Low Cost SMS API Pricing

We believe our low cost SMS API is one of the cheapest SMS gateways in the UK.

UK undelivered texts are not charged for, which means most customers save an additional 8.9%!

Tailwind Play
from 2.25p + VAT per text

Buy up to 10,000 SMS credits and we'll add 75% more for free on your first purchase.

How to Claim

  • Buy up to 10,000 credits

  • Email [email protected] with 'Free 75' in the subject

  • We’ll add 75% extra credits for free within 24 hours

So, buy 10,000 credits and get 17,500... the perfect way to get started!

A few Terms & Conditions

Offer only available to new customers making their first SMS credits purchase. The offer can only be used once per organisation.

Free credits can take up 24 hours to be added and may not be added over the weekend.

Offer can only be redeemed if you are making your first SMS credits purchase at our standard rate →

All free credits added to your account as a part of this offer will expire after 12 months.

Unlike most providers, all undelivered UK SMS are refunded (the average additional saving is 8.9%).

Ask about our UK price-match guarantee

SMS Credits Price per UK SMS, excl. VAT
1 - 10,000 2.25 pence *
10,001 - 25,000 3.85 pence
25,001 - 50,000 3.75 pence
50,000 - 100,000 3.65 pence
100,001 - 250,000 3.55 pence
More than that? Talk to us

* 2.25p + VAT with our introductory offer. Standard rate is 3.95 pence.

Pricing correct as of May 2024. Does not apply to the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

Review our international SMS pricing.

Price Match Guarantee

SMS price match guarantee
  • Low Cost

    We think we have amongst the cheapest SMS API costs in the UK, particularly when you factor in the savings made when we refund undelivered messages.

  • Market Monitor

    We monitor pricing from all the UK top SMS marketing providers to make sure that we remain amongst the most cost effective SMS API.

  • Had an Alternative Offer?

    If you’ve hunted down lower SMS pricing, let us know and we’ll go all out to beat the offer.

Compare our Prices

See how the SMS Works compares to some of the major providers of SMS API's in the UK.

You can compute your SMS savings with us using our price comparison calculator.

Company Undelivered texts credited?
This is not an exhaustive list of SMS API providers. Prices quoted are for 1000 text credits and exclude any introductory offers.
Eon next
UK Research & Innovation

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Set up a free account, with 50 free test credits.

What's included

  • Non-delivered texts refunded in UK. Zero wastage SMS.

  • No set-up fee. No contract. Simple, pay-as-you-go service.

  • Pay by credit card or bank transfer.

  • SMS Credits do not expire.

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Business SMS A Changing Industry

SMS Gateway prices in the UK have fallen by over 50% in the past decade or so. It wasn’t too long ago that you could expect to pay around 10 pence per text credit for a small bundle of texts.

In 2021, after 25 years of falling business SMS costs, the industry witnessed its first rise in SMS prices.

The networks are responding to global inflation as they look to find ways of offsetting their own rising costs.

Over the next few years we expect SMS costs to continue to rise and we forecast the average cost for a business SMS to reach 4.9 pence in 2025, a rate not seen in the UK since 2010.

UK SMS Marketing cost trends

As A2P SMS prices have historically reduced, so the number of potential providers has also rocketed. There must be well over 85 potential UK SMS gateway providers now compared to a dozen or so at the turn of the millennium.

So while there’s more choice and at a lower price, there’s one SMS pricing oddity that’s remained resolutely resistant to change. Users of transactional SMS services typically have to pay for messages that are not delivered, while the providers themselves are not charged. So there’s a built in additional profit for the SMS provider.

This model is now being challenged by The SMS Works who are one of very few bulk SMS providers that refund credits for messages that have not landed on the handset. It’s a far more open and fair approach that’s becoming increasingly popular as customers start to challenge the status quo.

Set up a free SMS API account with 50 free text credits and you’ll be sending through our SMS API in no time. You can also use our email to text service which converts emails to SMS.


"Pricing policy is really fair and very competitive."

Ian Zucchi, TISSL Limited
Ian Zucchi
Product Manager, TISSL Limited

Secure and flexible payment options

SMS credits can be purchased buy Visa, Maestro, Mastercard or American express.

Avoiding running out of credits by setting up SMS Auto top-up to trigger a purchase of a set amount of credits if credits drop below a set level.

You can also raise an invoice in your account and pay by BACS transfer. Credits are added as soon as your transfer has cleared. (There’s minimum order of £10.00.)

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