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Incoming SMS

Incoming SMS using long numbers

Receive replies to your SMS campaigns
with your own virtual reply number
£13.50 + VAT per month

Virtual reply numbers allow customers to reply to the texts that you send them

Low cost virtual mobile number

It’s free and easy to set up a 7 day trial

Green tick No set up fee

Green tick incoming texts are free to receive

green tick No contract or minimum term

Reliable SMS gateway

About Incoming SMS

How do I set up a free trial of a virtual mobile number?

It’s fast and simple.

1. Set up an SMS Works account

2. Log in and select 'Request New Reply Number'.

3. We’ll set up your SMS reply number, attach it to your account and contact you by email when it’s ready for use. 

4. You will then have 7 days' free use of the reply number, after which we'll be back in touch to provide payment options.

After the trial, your dedicated reply number costs £13.50 + VAT per month.

Incoming numbers are set up within 2 working days.

Please be aware that accounts set up with personal email addresses are not eligible for a free trial.

SMS API documentation

What is a virtual reply number?

A dedicated virtual SMS number is an 11 digit mobile number. It's also know as an SMS long code or incoming SMS number

It looks and behaves exactly the same as a normal mobile number.

Instead of the number being attached to a phone, it’s attached to your SMS Works account. 

Our long code SMS service is the ideal solution if you want to receive replies to your SMS marketing or email 2 SMS campaigns




How does it work?

Incoming texts are sent to you instantly, to a URL that you set in your SMS Works account. Texts can also be forwarded to an email address.

To receive replies from your contacts, you simply configure the originator (who the message is from) of the outbound text to your virtual long code.

The recipient then replies to the text in the normal way.

People can also text to the SMS reply number directly, without having to reply to a text they’ve received.

It's a dedicated long code SMS service, in other words the number is not used by any other company or organisation.

Low cost SMS gateway

How much does it cost?

SMS long codes cost £13.50 + VAT a month.

There is no set up fee, minimum term or contract.

You pay for your SMS reply number in advance either by credit / debit card or bank transfer.

You choose how often you want to pay for your incoming SMS number, quarterly, every 6 or 12 months.

There is no additional charge per SMS for receiving texts to your virtual long code.

Outbound texts are charged in line with our standard SMS rates.

Users are charged one text at their normal rate to send to your dedicated reply number. (This would be included in their free monthly SMS bundle if they have one.)



Free SMS API test account

Virtual mobile number FAQs

What is an incoming SMS number?

It’s an 11 digit mobile number that allows people to reply to the texts that you send them.
They can also text the number directly. 

It’s virtual because there’s no physical sim card or mobile device that the incoming messages land on. We host the number which you configure in your SMS Works account.

Incoming texts are sent to your over the web, to a URL that you set. They can also be sent to you by email

SMS API support

Is there any notice period?

There’s no notice period and you can cancel your incoming number at any time.

Can I send pictures to my incoming SMS number?

No. The SMS Works does not currently have a way of accepting pictures or other types of file.



Reliable SMS API

How are incoming texts sent to me?

Incoming texts are simply posted to a URL of your choice. This is set in your account.
They can also be sent to you by email.
You can also export all incoming numbers as an Excel spread sheet.

How much does it cost to send a message to my virtual mobile number?

It costs one text at the normal network rate. Texts are included in the free monthly text allocation of any tariff.

Reliable SMS API

Do I own my virtual mobile number?

You don’t actually own the virtual mobile number, so you wouldn’t be able to transfer it to another provider. But you do own it in the sense that as long as you pay for it, it’s exclusively yours.

Your number would never be switched to someone else or shared with another SMS Works account.

Get started with your virtual reply number today.

If you're sending A2P texts to your customers and contacts it makes sense to give them the option to reply to the texts that they receive from you.

You'll be giving them a better service at very low cost.

Set up your free SMS account and you'll be up and running in no time.

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