SMS Price Comparison Calculator

A simple tool that allows you to evaluate the relative monthly and annual SMS costs of different SMS providers.

Supplier Name Monthly Message Volume Price Per Text
(Pence Ex VAT)
Delivery Rate % Pay for Non-Delivered? Monthly Cost
(£ Ex VAT)
Annual Cost
(£ Ex VAT)

Using the SMS pricing comparison calculator

This couldn’t be easier. Enter the following details into the calculator:

  1. Supplier name
  2. Monthly message volume
  3. Price per text in pence, ex VAT
  4. Delivery rate - the approximate success rate your SMS traffic
  5. Pay for non-delivered - Does the supplier charge for failed texts. Most do.
  6. Monthly cost - Ex VAT
  7. Annual cost - EX VAT

The tool will automatically calculate the monthly and annual SMS spend for each of the suppliers entered. The lowest cost annual provider will be highlighted for you.

Why do I need to specify 'charge for non-delivered texts'?

Almost all SMS providers charge their customers for non-delivered texts, even though they are not charged themselves.

The average non-delivered rate is surprisingly high at 11%, so not having to pay for failed SMS can make a huge difference to your SMS bill.

The toggle is on by default and you can unset it to see the price impact for providers that don't charge for failed texts.

Who is the SMS cost comparison tool for?

There are dozens of potential SMS providers. Most of them provide a reliable service with decent support. Increasingly, SMS cost is one of the key differentiators between suppliers.

The SMS price comparison tool will be useful for anyone that wants to understand, compare and evaluate the costs of a number of different SMS providers. The SMS Works standard pricing can be found on our pricing page.