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The SMS Works gates

We're a new type of SMS API company

We offer a rock solid, low cost SMS API that companies and organisations of all sizes can rely on.

Choosing an SMS API provider should be simple

You’re probably looking for the traditional combo of price, reliability and service.

And it’s a choice you only want to make once.

Once you’ve integrated and tested your systems, you don’t want to have to undo it all and start again with a new supplier.

A fairer approach to pricing

Our SMS prices are low and fair. The SMS Works only charges you for messages that are delivered.

Non-delivered messages are credited straight back to your account.

Most providers charge their customers for undelivered messages, while they haven’t been billed themselves.

There’s a built in additional profit margin that’s always been part of the way the business SMS industry has worked.



Challenge the status quo

But we think it’s time that this changed.

Budgets are always tight and if there’s a way of reducing costs without a reduction in service or reliability then that’s always going to be popular.

It’s a difference that could make a big impact on your SMS spend. Average rates for non-delivered texts are about 18%.

We think it’s a fairer and more open way of working. We hope you agree.


Low, delivered only pricing


Reliable, Robust, Fast


Friendly, attentive support

Reliability, your most important ingredient 

We understand that reliability of service is even more important than the price that you pay per text.

Unless you’re regularly sending tens of thousands of texts a month, saving a few quid here or there is unlikely to be attractive unless you can be certain that the service is rock solid.

For many of our companies, mass SMS communication is a vital part of their business.

For that reason, we’ve done all the hard work and testing to ensure that we’ve left no stone unturned to make our SMS API service as rock solid as possible.


Support you can rely on

Whatever your query, we’re here to help.

We’ve created in depth documentation with code wrappers in all the main programming languages, all simply laid out in our
Developer Zone.

We hope we’ve provided everything you need to get up and running fast. If not, all our details are on our contacts page.


Thinking like you…

Our SMS API has been built with the principle of making integration as simple and transparent as possible.

When putting together our documentation and SDK libraries, we encouraged ourselves to think like potential buyers.

Questions you'll be asking us...

By thinking like buyers and being as self-critical as possible, we think we’ve covered most bases. Let us know if we’ve left any gaps or if there are areas you think can be improved.

How easy is it to set up a test account?

Are there copy and paste code samples in the code languages we use?

How difficult is to get a proof of concept up and running?

How is the documentation laid out and can I use it easily?

When we have a detailed query, does the documentation answer the question?

I have a specific question, how easy is to get human support?

How easy is it for non-technical folk to understand how this works?

How about you?

So we hope that we can join your shortlist of possible bulk SMS suppliers and after rigorous testing, become your SMS partner.

We’re excited that you’ve got this far.

Set up a free SMS account with 50 SMS credits. Do drop us a line or talk to us. All our details are on the contacts page.