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The SMS Works Testimonials

Some immodest trumpet blowing about our reliability, service and support.

Customers have made some very generous observations about their experiences using our SMS API.

Take a quick look at what some of our customers have to say about us.


When looking for an SMS provider, I had two primary concerns; 1) pricing and 2) support. The SMS Works met both.

It is, however, their support that stands out. Upon experiencing an issue, which is infrequent, the team respond very quickly, with the issue typically being resolved in the first reply.

The documentation was clear, and API straightforward, making it quick and easy to start using their service.

SMS API prices
Mark Smeed, Founder, CEO, Webx Solution Ltd

We have found The SMS Works to be an excellent provider of our SMS text messages.

From day one, they have been really easy to communicate with, their service is 100% reliable and their technical support is fast and helpful.

Pricing is very competitive and clear. We would certainly recommend them.

SMS API prices
Mark Kelland, Commercial Manager, Dragon 2000 Ltd.

Working with The SMS Works has been an excellent experience from day one. They are very responsive to requests and we have found the platform to be 100% reliable.

Pricing policy is really fair and very competitive. We also love how easy it is to manage credits online.

SMS API prices
Ian Zucchi, Product Manager, TISSL Limited
We're very happy with the service offered by The SMS Works. SMS delivery is always fast and reliable, and we haven't experienced any downtime or undelivered messages.
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Animesh Chowdhury, Director, The Good Till Co.

We use The SMS Works to send SMS messages to customers in the car buying process.

We send thousands a month and The SMS Works have provided us with a fast and reliable SMS service for our application.

I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a new service provider.

SMS API prices
Mike Atkinson, Techical Director, AutoSLM.com
We selected The SMS Works based on the quality and ease of use of their API, fair pricing model and excellent documentation. It's a reliable service and we've had no issues.
SMS API prices
Howard Richards, IT Developer, Fidelity Group Limited

We initially moved to The SMS Works due to the great value package they offer, both in overall cost and not charging for undelivered texts.

Over the last year we have found their support to be excellent, nothing is too much trouble and their response time is very impressive.

Their developers have worked closely with us to provide a robust implementation of their service for our own B2B customer base.

SMS API prices
Andy Meikle, Technical Director, Motasoft Ltd.

Hands down the best SMS integration service I have ever used (and the cheapest to boot).

I feel that TheSMSWorks people truly understand the technical needs of those wishing to use their API and they are generous with test credits and other development needs.

Reliably fast SMS send/receive speeds and A+ Customer Service for the cherry on top.

SMS API prices
Jaime Arrazola, CTO, Migrate.co.uk
At Tapi Carpets and Floors, having the customer at the heart of what we do is critical to our ethos, service and growth. The SMS Works have enabled us to simply connect our business processes to them, to allow our customers to get timely updates on products and services.
SMS API prices
Jason Turner, Chief Information Officer, Tapi Carpets & Floors.
The integration with our in-house systems was straightforward for our Development Team; implementation and our communication with The SMS Works was swift and efficient. As a welcome bonus, their pricing is also attractive!
SMS API prices
Neil Jones, Chief Operating Officer, TMTI Ltd

We migrated our SMS services to The SMS Works and are very pleased that we did. The migration was painless, and the well written API documentation meant we’ve been able to get setup and integrated into our software with minimal effort.

The fact that we are not charged for SMS that are not delivered and that we can schedule SMS messages makes the system great for our business, both for staying in touch with new and current customers.

All support and questions have been answered quickly and efficiently.

All in all I’d happily recommend The SMS Works.

Mark Mailer, IT & Systems, Ready Steady Store.