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Low cost SMS API for developers

Pay only for delivered messages

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If you send SMS, you're probably paying for undelivered messages.

Most SMS API companies charge for these. We think it's time this changed... At The SMS Works, we only bill you for delivered messages. It's a fairer and more transparent way of working.

We hope you agree.

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Why choose our SMS API?

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Copy & paste API snippets

We’ve put together a comprehensive range of ready to go scripts in all the most common languages. Simply copy and paste and you’re up and running. Your test account comes with 50 free test credits.

 SMS API Developer Zone

Remarkably low prices

Our SMS API prices are amongst the lowest in the UK with messages starting at 1.45 pence + VAT per text. Compare prices with other SMS Gateway companies with our price comparison table.


Reliable Tier 1 connections

We only use the most reliable tier one connections, direct to UK networks. Messages sent within the UK stay in the UK. We never use international or SMS grey routes.

 Grey routes and why you should avoid them

Fast, reliable, robust

We’ve invested heavily to make our SMS API as reliable as it can possibly be. Our platform has been built to withstand the rigours of the most demanding applications.

 Technical Overview

Only pay for delivered messages

We only charge you for delivered messages. Failed texts are credited straight back to your account. Our delivery reports give you a detailed outcome of all texts sent.

No nasty surprises

We won’t tie you in with contracts or minimum SMS volumes. We run a simple, pay-as-you-go, SMS Gateway service. You can buy credits via PayPal, card or bank transfer.

Credits don't expire

Once you’ve bought SMS credits from us, they stay in your account until you want to use them. Current credit levels can be checked at any time.

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