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Technical Overview of
The SMS Works SMS API Platform



Our SMS API has been designed to make integration with your software or app as simple and fast as possible.

The underlying architecture of our platform has speed and robustness as its heart and we're committed to the highest possible standards.

We only use tier one network providers. We never use SMS grey routes or international gateways for ANY of our SMS traffic. This means that the delivery rates for SMS sent though our platform are as high as possible.

Technical drawing at the SMS Works


Performance Overview

  • Minimum uptime of The SMS Works platform: 99.95%.

  • Average throughput of SMS API. 50 messages per second.

  • Average message delivery time. Around 5 seconds.

  • Receive SMS (dedicated virtual mobile number). Less than 15 seconds.

  • Receive SMS (using a keyword and short code). Less than 15 seconds.

Please note that the networks do not offer service level agreements for the delivery of SMS to handsets. 

The performance overview above relates to the services that we provide up to the point of sending or receiving data to and from the networks.

When messages have been submitted to the mobile network, they may be subject to additional delays similar to the delays you might occasionally expect sending a text from one mobile phone to another.

System Reliability

  • Minimum uptime of The SMS Works platform: 99.95%.

  • We operate a redundant server architecture across multiple data centres, with data replication, ensuring high availability.

  • Our servers are load balanced, ensuring a highly responsive service during peak demand periods.

  • The SMS Works website is hosted separately, in a separate data centre, to the SMS API. This means there is no dependency on the website availability for our API services to function.


System Security

  • The SMS Works infrastructure is monitored and protected 24x7.

  • System patching  provides ongoing protection from potential security breaches.

  • A dedicated firewall helps prevent unauthorised system access.

  • We implement comprehensive data protection and managed back-up solutions.

  • We conduct regular risk assessment and security enhancements.

  • API secret and key pairs are encrypted in the database. This means that only customers have access to their API credentials. The SMS Works personnel cannot access customer credentials.


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Is there anything you'd like to ask us?

There may be questions about our SMS API platform that this brief overview doesn't address. It's completely understable if that's the case.

Feel free to make touch and ask us if you're unsure of anything. Our details are on the contacts page.