SMS delivery rate and SMS credits saved

SMS Insights – Visualise, track and share you SMS data

SMS Insights – Track, visualise and share your SMS data

SMS Insights is the complete SMS analytics tool from The SMS Works.

It allows you to visualise key metrics to help you understand trends and patterns in your SMS activity.

A series of automated charts and tables provides actionable insights into your SMS campaigns. You can instantly track, measure and share the data.

For several SMS insight charts, you can select the time frame you want to display, (monthly, weekly or for the last 12 months). You can also download the charts and the full data set used.

Charts can be hidden, so that only the most relevant and useful charts are displayed. Each account user can save their own preferences.

Hovering over the chart detail, displays the data behind the element you’re investigating.

SMS Insights is free to all customers and can be accessed by logging in to your SMS Works account and going to SMS Insights. They are part of a larger collection of data analysis and integration tools that we offer to provide you with insights into your SMS usage, in the context that suits you.

Here’s a brief overview of all the charts available.

SMS credits used this month by day

This chart provides an overview of text credits used this month, split by day. The chart also shows the number of undelivered messages.

The precise number of delivered or undelivered messages can be seen by hovering over the relevant day.

SMS Credits used

SMS credits used by sender ID heat map

This heat chart shows the number of credits used by the sender ID. It helps you identify trends and hot or cold spots in your SMS activity.


SMS messages by sender ID

This chart displays the number of messages sent by sender ID.
Longer messages use more than one credit to send, so it’s useful to be able to see the number of messages that have been sent in addition to credits used.

Number of message by sender ID

Undelivered messages by destination

This table shows the top mobile numbers where delivery failed.
In the example below, the customer had 11 failed attempts to send to 4 numbers in the current month.

This helps you quickly identify incorrect or inactive mobile numbers so that you can contact the customer for correction.

You can also download all the data.

Undelivered SMS messages by destination

SMS delivery rate and credits used

Displays the delivery rate for all your messages in the past 12 months.
The SMS Works does not charge for undelivered messages sent to UK mobiles, so the number of undelivered credits that you have saved this month is also displayed.

To calculate the cost saving, multiply the credits saved by the cost per text.
The customer below pays 3.4 pence per credit, so their cost saving so far this month is £229.16

SMS delivery rate and SMS credits saved

Number of credits used per message

Messages over 160 characters use more than one text credit to send. This chart shows you how many of your messages used more than one text credit.

The chart may highlight an opportunity to reduce the length of some of your message by being more concise in the message content.

Number of credits used to send a text.

Unicode Messages by Sender ID

Sending messages using unicode characters uses more text credits as the number of characters is reduced from 160 to just 70.

Unicode characters are usually included by mistake, often copied and pasted from Word or Google Docs.

This chart shows, at a glance, the number and sender IDs where messages containing unicode characters were sent.

Unicode messages sent by sender iD

Messages by Character Length

number of characters use to send text

This chart shows the volume of messages by character length, allowing you to focus on messages which might be costing you more credits than necessary.

The green segments highlight messages which were just a little bit longer than the nearest message length boundary.

You can click on any segment on the chart to view a selection of the messages in that range in the table below, and then export those for further analysis.

With some minor tweaks these messages can be reduced to under 160 characters, using just 1 credit instead of 2.

Reduce the number of SMS characters to save costs

Incoming SMS by reply number

Incoming SMS by reply number

Incoming and outgoing messages by week

This chart gives you an overview of the incoming and outgoing SMS volume by week.

Incoming and outgoing SMS messages by week

International SMS map

If your account is enabled to send international SMS, you can view your monthly SMS traffic in a heat map.
International- SMS map

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