sms data integration

SMS Data Integration

Integrating your SMS delivery data into a business intelligence suite could provide you with valuable insights into your business communications.

The SMS Works provides three methods to help you achieve this – embeddable Insights Charts, an SMS Data API and a Business Intelligence connector. Before we look at each of those in more detail, let’s consider some of the insights that you could get from combining your SMS and business data:

SMS Delivery Performance

Monitoring whether your customers are receiving your communications is obviously pretty crucial. Whilst we don’t charge you for messages that aren’t delivered, you could still be missing potential revenue, suffering from missed appointments or even losing customers altogether due to out-of-date information. Your SMS delivery data could show correlations with any of these, suggesting courses of action for you to take to correct problems.

SMS Campaign Effectiveness

By comparing response rates to your campaigns you can gather insights around the most effective content or your most responsive market segments. This can help you to tailor your marketing and targeting strategies to maximise engagement and conversion rates.

Compliance Monitoring

By tracking SMS opt-in and opt-out data you can help to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards that affect your customer communications. Identifying issues early on can help to mitigate legal risks and maintain trust between you and your customers.

Operational Insights

If SMS is a crucial part of your operation, integrating SMS delivery and response data can help you to highlight performance levels in areas such as customer service or logistics. For example, by comparing appointment confirmation data with fulfilment and utilisation could expose areas where the timing or content of your messages can be improved, helping you to streamline operations and improve your customers’ experiences.


We’ll say it – we think that the majority of SMS companies aren’t putting their backs into saving you money. Whether that’s not refunding your credits on any undeliverable messages, or doing the minimum to expose where your message content is causing you to spend consistently more than you should, SMS spend performance can be hard to evaluate.

The SMS Works provides several ways to expose your SMS overspend, as well as a suite of tools to help you address it, from something as simple as removing emojis to letting our AI Optimiser reduce the length of your messages, so that you don’t use credits unnecessarily. You can find these insights and tools within your SMS Works account, and we can also help you to bring them into your own business intelligence environments. It’s time to look at the options for doing that:

SMS cost savings tools

The SMS Works Business Intelligence Integrations

SMS Insights Charts

Our SMS Insights Charts, found in your SMS Works account, can be selectively embedded into your own web applications. This can give you (or your customers) a view of message volumes, delivery rates or the geographical distribution of their message spend, directly in the context of your operation. This visibility could help with productivity and inform decision-making, saving you the cost of context switching, or maintaining access to your SMS Works account for numerous employees.

SMS Works Data API

You may want something specific that our SMS Insights does not quite give you today. Both the ‘/messages’ end-point in our regular SMS API and our dedicated Data API give you a wide variety of HTTP requests that you can make to integrate your data into your own web applications, federated services, mobile applications or internet of things devices.

BI Connector

Our BI connector lets you use your SMS data directly in your business intelligence platform, allowing you to do detailed analysis against a well defined data model. Whether that’s Tableau, Power BI or another popular platform, we can provide you with secure access to federate your SMS data with other operational data, for re-use across your organisation.

For Your Insight

Connecting your SMS data to customer, operational, or market intelligence can reveal valuable insights, facilitating informed decision-making, enhancing customer engagement, and boosting overall business performance.

If you would like to discuss any of these integration points please get in touch. We’d love to help.

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