Phil Warner

Phil Warner is co-founder and Director at The SMS Works, a company which helps organisations spend less on their SMS communications.

  • Phil Warner, Co-Founder of The SMS Works

    Phil's Bio

    Co-Founder & Technical Director, The SMS Works.

    Phil has been either a part of or leading technology teams for over 20 years.

    Those years have been spent in roles either writing code, doing product management or being a CTO (and sometimes all at the same time).

    He's spent time working closely with large customers like Exxon Mobil, KLM, State Farm, Goodyear and Chubb Insurance, to build resilient products that suit their needs.

    Recently he's managed the product portfolio for Enterprise's UK commercial fleet of 50,000 trucks, bringing vendors together to develop their vision of the connected vehicle.

    Phil plays tennis in a vain attempt to fight the ageing process.

    He doesn't win as often as he would like.