How do SMS delivery reports work?

What is SRI_SM?

What is SRI_SM?

Another slice of jargon from the SMS World. This time, we’re taking a look at the SRI_SM.
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What is SRI_SM?

SRI_SM, or Sender Reputation Index for SMS, is a system designed to assess and measure the reputation of message senders. In simpler terms, it’s like a trust score for those sending messages, ensuring that the SMS ecosystem remains secure and reliable.

UK networks are really focussing on eliminating spam and scam attacks and SRI_SM is another tool in their armoury. 

The Need for SRI_SM

The insidious rise of spam, phishing  and artificially inflated traffic poses a significant threat. SRI_SM acts as a type of shield against these malicious activities, offering a way to filter out untrustworthy senders and maintain the integrity of messaging platforms.

How SRI_SM Works

Imagine SRI_SM as a digital bouncer at the entrance of a club, only letting in the reputable guests. Similarly, SRI_SM evaluates various factors associated with message senders, such as the frequency of messages, content quality, and user engagement. This evaluation helps assign a numerical score to each sender, indicating their trustworthiness.

Benefits of SRI_SM

Reduced Spam and scam attempts: With SRI_SM in place, the likelihood of receiving spam messages decreases significantly. This ensures that users receive only relevant and legitimate content, improving their overall messaging experience.

Enhanced Security: By filtering out untrustworthy senders, SRI_SM contributes to a more secure messaging environment. This is particularly crucial in preventing SMS phishing attempts and protecting users from potential scams.

Improved Delivery Rates: Messaging platforms deploying SRI_SM can optimise message delivery by prioritising only trusted senders. This means that important messages reach users faster and more reliably and the spam get blocked.

Implementation in Messaging Platforms

Integrating SRI_SM into messaging platforms is a straightforward process. Service providers adopt this technology to enhance their security measures and provide users with a seamless, trustworthy messaging experience. The implementation typically involves collaboration between telecommunication companies and SMS aggregators.


Why is SRI_SM important?

SRI_SM represents a pivotal step in ensuring that A2P SMS remains secure, reliable, and user-friendly. We can expect SRI_SM to become an integral part of the messaging ecosystem. SMS is facing increasing pressure from other messaging channels and SRI_SM is a key tool to help it defend its reputation.

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