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FAQs for SMS keyword and short code

FAQs for SMS keyword and short code

FAQs for SMS keyword and short code

FAQs for SMS keyword and short code

FAQs for using short codes and keywords

Adding  a text response option to your advertising or marketing campaign can produce a huge uplift in response.

Although setting up and running an SMS short code campaign is straightforward we often receive a number of questions which we’ve pulled into a simple FAQs article.

Here it is....

Setting up your keyword and shortcode

How do I set up a keyword and Shortcode?

Setting up a keyword on short code 88440 is just a few simple steps.

1 Set up an account
2 Send an email to [email protected] stating the keyword(s) that you require.
3 We’ll add a test keyword so you can see a keyword in action
4 Once you're happy with how the test keyword works, we will then add your chosen keyword to your account.
5 we send you first quarterly invoice for £42 + VAT

Costs and Payment

cost for keyword and short code

How much does a shortcode and keyword cost?

£14.00 + VAT per month. Minimum period 3 months, payable quarterly in advance.
Automated text responses cost 2.99 pence + VAT per autoresponse.
There’s a minimum order of £10 for autoresponses, which buy 334 text credits

How do I pay for the keyword and shortcode?

We charge quarterly in advance (£42 + VAT)
You can pay by card or bank transfer.
If your campaign is running long term, you can also use an ‘autopay’ option

How do I cancel my keyword and shortcode

There’s no tie in period. To cancel, simply send an email to [email protected]
You can cancel your keyword any time up until the next invoice in generated.
If you don't cancel before the invoice is generated you'll need to pay for the next quarter. (£42.00 + VAT)

How can I pay for my keyword and shortcode?

We invoice quarterly in advance (£14 a month).
You can pay your invoice (£42 + VAT) by card or bank transfer.
We also have an autopay option.

How much do automated text responses cost?

If you choose to have an automated text response sent back to the person that texted in, the cost is 2.99 pence + VAT per text. There’s a minimum spend of £10 + VAT which gives you 334 text credits.

Text credits don’t expire

How much does it cost to send a text to a shortcode?

One text at the user’s standard rate. This is normally between 8 and 12 pence.
Texts sent to short codes are not included in a user’s free monthly text allowance.

General short code and keyword questions

short code and keyword in the UK

Are keywords case sensitive?

No, both upper and lower case characters in any combination are acceptable.

What happens if someone texts in something else after the keyword?

As long as the keyword is at the start of the text and followed by a space then everything else will be captured.

How can I receive incoming texts on my keyword?

There are 3 ways...

1 login and export all incoming texts to an Excel sheet
2 Receive incoming texts by emails
3 Post incoming text to a URL of your choice

Any or all of the above options are available.

Please find more information on accessing incoming texts on the keyword and shortcode page.

What happens if someone texts in the wrong keyword?

We won’t be able to retrieve the incoming text and it will be lost.

What is the best length for a keyword on a short code?

There are no hard and fast rules but we suggest that your keyword is between 3 and 8 characters.
Make sure it’s a real word or predictive text will create problems for the user.

Can I choose my own shortcode

No, our short code is 88440. It is possible to own your own but the cost is prohibitive at £900 set up and £900 a month.

Can I send texts to 88440 from outside the UK?

No, shortcodes do not work if you are sending texts from outside the UK

What terms and conditions do I need to include in short code entry instructions?

You need to state the costs of the entry to the user. E.g. ‘Texts charged at your standard network rate.’

Can I have more than 1 keyword on my account?

Yes, there’s no limit on the number of keywords that you have set up.

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