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The Breach Report - ICO Fines Analysis (Infographic)

The Breach Report - ICO Fines Analysis (Infographic)

The Breach Report - ICO Fines Analysis (Infographic)

ICO Signals Crackdown with 58% Rise in Fines


The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) have really stepped up their efforts to stamp out incompetent data breaches and spam of all types.

It's their job to track down and bring to account companies that break the very reasonable rules on spam and data protection.

In the run up to GDPR, which comes into effect in may 2018, they’ve been flexing their muscles by handing out record fines to companies and organisations that persist in breaking the rules.

The SMS Works wanted to find out what type of companies are being caught out, how much they're being fined and for what type of breach they’re been punished.

The ICO publish all the fines they’ve issued on their website but the data is uncategorised and doesn’t give any trends or deeper analysis.

So, we trawled through the data and pulled together all the main findings and published the results in our handy infographic, The Breach Report


The Breach Report 2018

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