free sms credits

Help! The 50 free credits for testing that I was promised haven’t been added to my account.

You’ll have noticed that the 50 free credits that you were expecting haven’t been automatically added to you account.

The reason for this is that we’ve been targeted by a number of international fraudsters who have been using the free test credits for malicious SMS phishing campaigns.

Nasty stuff.

To stop the fraud, we now have to add the credits manually after account has been set up.

But don’t worry, we’ll get those free credits added in no time.

How long will it take for free credits to be added to my account?

If you’re a UK business and you’ve set up your account with a business email address, then we’ll add credits just as quickly as we can.

If this is during UK office hours (0800 – 1800) then this will almost always be less than 2 hours, often much less.

Outside of these hours it may take a little longer but usually not.

I’m a developer and I’ve used my personal email address to set up the account

No problem at all.

Many developers prefer to use their personal email addresses to set up accounts.

If this is the case for you, simply drop a quick email to [email protected] and we’ll get those credits added straight away.

Please mention in your email who the SMS integration project is for.

My company’s from outside the UK. 
Can I receive free text credits and the ability to send to non-UK mobile numbers.

Yes of course but you do need to set up your account with a business email address.

If you use a personal emails address, you won’t qualify for the fee credits

I’m not a business, I’m a personal user or student.
Can I receive the free credits?

We’re really sorry, we can’t add free credits for personal or student use. There’s a cost to us for the free credits, so we can’t give them away with no hope of future purchases! Sorry about that.

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Henry Cazalet Managing Director
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