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Is SMS still alive for Millennials? We found one and asked her. Video

Is SMS still alive for Millennials? We found one and asked her. Video

Is SMS still alive for Millennials? We found one and asked her. Video

Is SMS still alive for Millennials?
Why do they still bother with it? Video

Person to person SMS volumes are in steep decline. Messaging app volume from iMessage and WhatsApp alone now outstrips SMS by 3 to 1.

By contrast, texts sent from businesses to consumers via an SMS API are still growing, albeit modestly.

So do young folk still use SMS? If so, what do they use it for?

Which messaging apps do they use and why?

This needed investigation.

What better way to get answers than to track down a teenager and ask her?


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Video Transcription

Which Messaging apps do you use?

Youth: Facebook Messenger, Snapchat sometimes Instagram.
Snapchat for like individual people and then Facebook Messenger for groups.

What do you use texting for?

Youth: I tend to use texting for when I’m not in a wifi zone and if I’m meeting up with someone or to text like older people… you know… like mum. They don’t obviously have the social media that younger people do, so you have to text them.

And er generally meeting up, like ‘O I’ll be there in 5 minutes.’ Because you know that they’re not going to have… they might not want to use their 3G, or they might not have any data left. So they might have to use texting.

Do you ever use messaging apps when you’re not connected to wifi?

Youth: I try to avoid it because it wastes you 3G and your 4G and you don’t want to run out because that’s really annoying. But if it’s like a really long car journey or you get really bored, then yeah I do. I try to avoid it.

Have you ever missed an instant message?

Youth: O yeah, I think I have before.

Have you ever missed a text?

Youth: Er No.

Have you ever not read a text?

Youth: No because they’ve got the notification. The whole time, so it kind of annoys you.

Do you have any loyalty to any of your messaging apps?

Youth: I wouldn’t say particularly because each app is starting to get more features. They’ve seen what the other apps can do and added that onto theirs. So they’re all getting like really similar, I think.

So Instagram have added a Instagram Story, where you have like 24 hours to view it; the same as SnapChat, which everyone just thought was copying.
But yeah they’re all becoming quite similar.

Which messaging app is most popular?

Youth: I’d say SnapChat is probably the most popular but I don’t wat to represent the whole population here.

Have heard of WeChat?

Youth: No.

Have you heard of Skype?

Youth: Yes.

Do you use Skype?

Youth: I have used Skype but.. (shakes head).

Why did you stop using it?

Youth: I didn’t have enough storage on my phone so I deleted the app. Coz you’ve got like Facetime and now on SnapChat they’ve done the same.

SnapChat have a new video messaging thing as well, so you don’t really need it.
Loads of old people have things like… I don’t know what do….

People have family group chats on WhatApp and things but I wouldn’t personally use that. Laughs… Obviously I don’t.

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